Now that we’ve looked at a negative social media approach in post one, and discussed how to deal with negative comments in post two, lets move on to something more pleasant … or pleasantly smelling you might say.

Proctor and Gamble, the company behind Old Spice, wanted to make the old brand new again and increase participation from its customers. They were very successful in doing so. How? You guessed it – with social media. This past summer, advertising agency, Wieden and Kennedy, launched one of the most successful social media campaigns in recent history for Old Spice.

The initial campaign began with the commercials many of us have seen with ex-football player Isaiah Mustafa. The commercials were creative and random, with a theme of “the man your man can smell like,” and “the return of the man your man can smell like,” but they were funny, and they did a good job of getting the brand some younger attention.

The team at Proctor and Gamble saw the success of these initial commercials (the thousands of positive comment and reviews) and decided to take it one step further. Isaiah Mustafa, now commonly known as the “Old Spice guy,” stars in more than 180 personalized videos in which he speaks directly to you. The videos actually directly address an individual who has asked a question or posted a comment to Old Spice. As Danny Whatmough explains in his blog on what we can learn from old spice, some of the videos were posted within just minutes of receiving the comment or question. After recording, Mustafa would tweet those response videos daily to a wide range of Internet users. Even silly questions like “how do I get women to stop chasing me when I wear old spice?”, were asked and Mustafa would post a video responding to that question, addressing the individual by name. He even addressed a video to his own daughter, Ellen DeGeneres, and Perez Hilton. Talk about a wide range of viewers.

Of course this is only one example out of hundreds, but why did they work so well? Because social media is all about engagement and participation. When is the last time a marketing campaign addressed one person at a time? When is the last time they spoke directly to you and dedicated an entire video to answering your question rather than just a two sentence comment? As Stan Schroeder explains in his post describing Old Spice’s success, the answer to both is never, and that is what made Old Spice so successful. Customers and even non-customers could engage in the brand in an entertaining way.

Never before has a social media campaign received such positive comments across the board. On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it – the feedback was positive (which hardly ever happens). What continued the success of this approach was the users themselves. The tagging, tweeting and linking of the videos made the campaign even more viral than it already was. In her post about the success of old spice’s campaign Brenna Ehrlich goes into detail about the overwhelming number of views and comments on the videos.

The campaign ended a few weeks ago with one last video in which Mustafa addresses his viewers as “friends,” tells them he “loves them,” and that “like all great things, this too must end.” As a customer, viewer, or fan, how much more personal engagement can you ask for?

So, great job Old Spice, Nestle could learn a thing or two from you.